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I've installed Wubi on an SSD on a Windows 7 x64 system. Wubi and Windows 7 reside on the same ntfs formated drive/partition. How does trim work for this configuration? How do I configure it? Everything I've seen refer to a direct install of Ubuntu on an ext4 formated drive etc.

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Possible Duplicate – Mitch Jun 6 '12 at 6:05

Installing Ubuntu with Wubi creates a container file (root.disk) that occupies the full size you specified on your NTFS Windows partition. As soon as you boot Wubi-Ubuntu, it loop mounts a virtual hard disk within the root.disk container file and boots from it. Note that when you delete files in this virtual hard disk, the free space cannot be seen by Windows TRIM because the root.disk container file still occupies the full specified size.

Thus, TRIM would be only enabled when writing data to root.disk from Windows, but as explained Wubi does not do that. Files are written to this container from Ubuntu. Therefore the TRIM functionality of Windows will have no effect here.

We can not enable TRIM for write access from Ubuntu booted with Wubi.Source

Therefore you should seriously consider installing Ubuntu as dual boot if possible, if you are running from an SSD.

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