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So when I got my Asus X32U Notebook, the first thing I did was delete windows and install 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 - which works great, however I only get around 2.5 hours on battery - nothing close to the advertised 10 hours.

What settings or configurations can I use/adjust to improve this?

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I looked at the BIOS settings online, and really there is not much you can do. Also I do not have Ubuntu running on a laptop handy at this time, but I can tell you from experience what you can do. (these are personal suggestions).

Optimizing battery life helps you get the most out of battery operation, prolonging the charge/recharge cycle and improving recharging efficiency. You are advised to follow the suggestions set out below:

  1. Dim your screen
  2. Cut down on programs running in the background
  3. Cut down external devices
  4. Turn power off to Serial device
  5. Hibernate not standby

Source: "Laptop battery optimization and maintenance" on

Use PowerTop.

PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management. In addition to being a diagnostic tool, PowerTOP also has an interactive mode where the user can experiment various power management settings for cases where the Linux distribution has not enabled these settings.1

Learn more about PowerTOP and download the latest version, 1click here.

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Thanks thats certainly helped point me in the right direction – Globalkeith Jun 15 '12 at 3:24

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