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What do I need to write device drivers on Ubuntu? Do I need source code for Linux? What else is needed?

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Did you solve your question? – pl1nk Jun 24 '12 at 14:03

You should check the "Linux Device Drivers" book at O'Reilly. It's a very common reference and it is really written in a way that explains the basics.

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Here are a set of links which you might find interesting. Good Luck!!! and happy coding!

  1. freesoftwaremagazine (slightly outdated)
  2. Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition never read it but i hear some good things about it order or read as a pdf online
  3. Essential Linux Device Drivers
  4. wiki about the development of Ubuntu. good two know
  5. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide


Are there recommended tutorials for writing drivers for Gnu/Linux? - Stack Overflow

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