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I am trying to set key bindings for my mouse buttons with xbindkeys and I'd like to set one of them to spread the windows as if I'd pressed Super+W but for some reason this one won't bind properly it just registers as a regular press of the w key. I've tried every other combination of super+__ and they all work fine and unfortunately CCSM no longer allows rebinding this combination in 12.04. Does anyone know why this one combination wouldn't work or how I can remap the spread windows action to another set of keys?

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It appears that there are some key combinations that the system already uses that will only perform their system function even if the custom shortcuts allowed you to assign that code combination to a different function. Another example is Ctrl-Alt-C which is assigned to the calculator. I tried to assign that key combo to execute a different calculator and it wouldn't work. – fragos Jun 5 '12 at 7:16

Autokey-Qt might be able to map that key combo for you, however, Autokey will execute it and then the operating system will perform its task afterwards. This annoyed me enough that I moved my shortcut. :(

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