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It starts and appears on system monitor, but it doesn't open any window...

Any solution?

I'm using: Inkscape r9886 (Mar 29 2012) Ubuntu 12.04 32bits - using gnome-shell

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There should be a hidden directory in your home folder ~/.config/inkscape, try moving that inkscape directory elsewhere and then try restarting Inkscape. If that does not work you can bring back that inscape directory under .config again.

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Thanx Samik! However, your suggestion didn't work... But I've realised what happened. A iconpack I've installed (MeliaSVG) uses another icon for inkscape. So I've substituted this icon by the real inkscape icon in the iconpack. Then a conflict took place... Now, I've just undo that and inkscape return to work.

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please click the tick box next to your answer to mark this thread as closed. Thanks. – fossfreedom Jun 6 '12 at 8:59

In my case I needed to re-install

See for details

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