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I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 3 and I'm using Ibus to input Vietnamese.

The problem is after starting ibus, the ibus indicator vibrated for a while then the icon and its menu displayed somehow weird like the image below:

Anyone help me please!

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This is caused by a flawed icon file, /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/22/input-keyboard.svg. You can replace the file with this modified icon. Refer to this bug report.

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You may try ibus-gjs. ibus-gjs is supposed IBus UI in GNOME Shell environment.

The easiest way to install ibus-gjs on Ubuntu 12.04 is through the following PPA:

You may try upstream version of ibus-gjs also but be warned that it is developed by a Fedora guy.

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