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I did a do-release-upgrade. During the process I was asked if I wanted to replace my rsync config file in init.d with the new version or keep the existing one. I hit D to look at the diff and then could not get back to the question / install script. I stupidly hit ctrl c and was not returned to the upgrade process but to the shell.

I am now worried I have a broken install :( What should I do?

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You can run again, do-release-upgrade to restart the release upgrade. – Octávio Filipe Gonçalves Jun 4 '12 at 11:31
The answers here did not work for me. I found another one here… that worked much better. – Alexis Wilke Oct 7 '12 at 16:32
This worked for me: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && sudo dpkg --configure -a (close to what I found in ) – Adam Monsen Jul 12 '14 at 4:18

Your /etc/apt/sources.list was most probably changed to the new version at the point you aborted the upgrade. This will make do-release-upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade behavior unpredictable.

  • Change it first with (assuming you were upgrading from 11.10):

    sudo sed -i -e 's/precise/oneiric/g' /etc/apt/sources.list

  • Then do a sudo apt-get update followed by a do-release-upgrade.

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You can run again do-release-upgrade to restart the release upgrade.

The release upgrade, will start from the beginning, again.

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Depending on how far you made it through the upgrade process, this may not work, and you'll have to edit sources.list – Jordan Apr 9 '15 at 7:03

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