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I have installed the Ubuntu one client (Version 3.01) for Windows XP. The clients seemed to work properly. I uploaded and downloaded files from the folders I added. However after working on some files the client does not update these files. When I look at the cloud folder in my browser there are only the initial versions of my files. If I add some files to my hard disk, the client does not update them either.

During the whole process the client says file sync is up-to-date. If I uncheck the folders to be synced and check them again the client works a while, says "files are up to date" but still does not update the cloud files....

Please help me.

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I tried Ubuntu One also. I realized that the way it updates files is not very reliable and most of the time fails miserably. For example if you edit a word document on one computer it will not update those changes on the other computer. I suggest using Ubuntu One only as a media cloud; to store music and videos... Dropbox, on the other hand, is a more stable alternative and I use that for all my other files with no syncing problems whatsoever.

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