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I've been looking everywhere. Truecrypt forums and over the Ubuntu forums. I have yet to find an answer that comes close to my issue or question. My computer came with Windows 7 preinstalled so I have no live disc. The more I get to know Ubuntu the more I grow to love it. I have tried to install Ubuntu along side Windows 7 on both C and D drives of the encrypted disk. When I restart truecrypt asks for password like normal then on first go will load ubuntu, but Ubuntu will start then go to a screen with error messages. Off the top of my head it was on the lines of "network time out" or 'time expired error." I really am getting sick of Windows. To much garbage in its being. Is there anyway to get the installation to run after the whole system is encrypted? Or will I have to unencrypt, install, then re-encrypt (huge pain in the butt if so for wait time as it writes over)? Any help on this would be wonderful. thanks.

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have you seen this howto in the Ubuntu forum?

It describes how to setup an dual boot environment with full encryption.

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