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Trying to create a Hiren's BootCD on a USB. Not needing anything else such as a dual boot of Ubuntu and Haren or Window's and Haren. All the programs that I can find to complete this either end up directing me on how to create a Ubuntu boot on a usb, or how to do it on Windows. But since it is my Windows computer that I'm trying to fix I need an alternative. Please Help?

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UNetbootin is the perfect tool for this task (with a slight tweak). Check this answer: – shivams Apr 27 '15 at 13:45

Unetbootin does the job of making a bootable USB, but for recent versions of Hiren's CD to work, a small fix must be made for the menu to work:

  • Open the Software Center and install UNetbootin .

  • Create the bootable USB using the Diskimage option and selecting the downloaded ISO.

  • After the USB is created, mount it in Nautilus (just click the USB drive icon), go into the HBCD folder, rename the isolinux.cfg file to syslinux.cfg and copy it to the root of the USB, overwriting the existing file.

Now the USB boots and menu works fine :)

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This is THE ANSWER that works in 2015. It should be upvoted. – shivams Apr 27 '15 at 13:45
It doesn't always work...I get the same failed to load menu.c32 stuff... – decvalts Jul 25 '15 at 16:44

None of the below methods will work. Although you will get a bootable USB, it doesn't chainload anything out of the Grub Menu. This is especially true for the 'revised' edition of Hiren's Boot CD (the one with the mini-version of Windows XP)

Here is the correct procedure:

Insert your USB drive into your PC and start Ubuntu's partition Manager. Format the drive to FAT32, primairy partition and give a nice label. While you are at it, note the device's mount location (for example /dev/sdb)

When it is done, close the partition manager and start a terminal.

sudo grub-install /dev/device location

Where 'device location' is the location of your USB drive you noted earlier.

Now place the Hirens Boot CD iso-file in a new folder. Right-click the file and choose 'extract here' When it is done, delete the iso file and copy all the rest of the content to the root your USB drive.

There should be 1 folder called HBCD on the drive now, and 4 small other files. Now open the folder called HBCD and copy the files 'grldr' and 'menu.lst' to the root of the drive. Be sure to copy them, do not cut.

That is it, you're done. It should work now as a bootable USB drive aswel as a tool you can use inside a MS Windows environment.

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How is this an answer? We want to know what works not what doesn't – Warren Hill Apr 24 '13 at 13:37
I tried exactly the steps, booted from the USB stick I get error: no such device: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx grub rescue> – Montaro May 22 '13 at 21:49
grub-install: warning: File system fat' doesn't support embedding.` Then, grub-install: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for cross-disk install. sigh – Yanick Rochon Oct 9 '14 at 17:45
@YanickRochon: Same error here, both when trying device as /dev/sdd (the USB drive itself) or /dev/sdd1 (its first partition). – MestreLion Feb 7 '15 at 20:28

Open the Software Center and install UNetbootin . From there you just run it and the rest explains itself.

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Following this approach I only get an error message "Failed to load COM32 file menu.c32" when booting from the usb (using Hiren’s BootCD 15.2 and UNetbootin v. 603-1). – Wonko Dec 28 '14 at 18:44
UNetbootin solution needs a little tweak as provided here: – shivams Apr 27 '15 at 13:47

get hiren's Iso into your HDD. insert your USB pendrive or whatever, download rufus and proceed with burning the hiren.ISO file into the USB. once you succeeded, you need to restart your pc and check that your BIOS is configured in such a way that your boot order has your harddrive as the last thing to boot from. Also make sure, that as you reboot your pc again, and you have your USB burned and plugged, you dont have anything else that your pc might boot from. Hope it helps (btw, i just did this 30 minutes ago...) Cheers!

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Ok I found a solution here

This approach use grub2 and so it is very convenient if you want to do a multi boot usb

  1. install grub 2 on the usb driver ( grub-install --force --no-floppy --boot-directory=[PATH_TO_USB] /dev/sd[X]
  2. extract Hiren iso files on the usb ( you should have a folder /HBCD in the root of the usb )
  3. copy grub.exe (can be found in hbcd\dos\dos.gz, inside the .img file)
  4. copy menu.lst from the hbcd folder to the root of the usb drive
  5. add the following menu entry to grub.cfg on the usb:

Here the menu entry:

menuentry "HBCD" {  
    linux16 /grub.exe --config-file="find --set-root /HBCD/menu.lst; configfile /HBCD/menu.lst"  

Once compleated you can reboot or test it with qemu:
qemu-system-x86_64 -hda /dev/sd[X]

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"Hiren's CD to Bootable ‪#‎USB‬" is a free to use tool to make bootable USB disk from Hiren's CD iso.

Features: Create ‪#‎Bootable_USB‬ from Hiren's ‪#‎iso‬ file. Easy to use. Free Tool. Just 1 2 3 and get your bootable USB.

Download Link:

Download, Test & give your feedback.

‪#‎Hiren‬'s ‪#‎BootCD‬ is an all in One ‪#‎Bootable‬ CD which has a lot of utilities (

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You can make a bootable USB on Ubuntu from any (bootable) .ISO image using dd command:

dd if=./someisofile.iso of=/dev/sdb

however, I'd like to warn you that dd is a very dangerous command and you should only proceed if you fully understand the meaning of its parameters, in particular, the of one.

If you google for something like "dd iso usb", you'll fins quite a few tutorials, for example this one from Fedora, this one from Linux Mint, or this one from ArchLinux

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This works only for "hybrid" ISOs. It will NOT work for just any old bootable ISO with the standard ISO9660 boot sector. Note that Hiren's web site itself says you need to install Grub4DOS to be able to boot from USB. – izx Jun 4 '12 at 0:44

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