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If I add or remove an Indicator (my adding or removing a package) I currently have to logout or restart to see the effects of my changes.

How can I refresh my Indicators from within my session to enable me to keep working?

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Try restarting the gnome-panel by hitting Alt+F2 and then typing killall gnome-panel.

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Just kill the relevant processes, this will work even if you don't uninstall first:

killall indicator-sound-service

For example, to get rid of the sound indicator after you've uninstalled it, or to refresh it.

Other services include:

  • indicator-application-service (for the application menus)
  • indicator-datetime-service
  • indicator-me-service
  • indicator-session-service (for the session menu at the far right)
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This answer works in Unity and can be used to refresh the indicators even if they're not uninstalled. – Jeremy Bicha Jun 17 '11 at 11:43

You could right click > remove it from the panel and add it back again; that's the easiest method, though not the best.

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You can do :

killall unity-panel-service

It does exactly what you asked.

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