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I have a folder with about 40 SQL scripts with varying names, All using the pattern number description.sql. The file number consist of 2 digits and goes from 01 to 40, not all numbers in this range included.

I would like to iterate over this folder with files and run them via mysql cmd in a DESC filename order.

How can I run them all via mysql cmd in order of descending file number? Thanks.

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If you wanted to run the scripts in ascending lexicographic order, you could do

for x in *.sql; do
  mysql <"$x"

Listing the files in descending order can be done easily in zsh Install zsh, thanks to the O glob qualifier, but there is no corresponding feature in bash. At a zsh prompt:

for x in *.sql(On); do
  mysql <"$x"

By the way, if your numbers didn't have a leading 0, you could use (nOn) here, to sort 9 foo.sql before 10 bar.sql.

Using only programs that are in a default installation (plus mysql), you can list the files, sort them as desired with sort (or directly reverse the order with tac), and iterate over the result.

for x in *.sql; do echo "$x"; done |
tac |
while IFS= read -r script; do mysql <"$script"; done
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I have used the zsh solution. Works like a charm :) Thank you for the full answer. – TR7 Jun 4 '12 at 7:07

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