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Does Ubuntu have drivers available for this laptop?

And which version of Ubuntu would be recommended for the T40?

T40 specs for reference

  • CPU: Pentium M 1.3-1.6 GHz
  • Video: ATI Radeon 7500 32MB
  • RAM: 256 MB standard/2GB max
  • Connectivity: Intel Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 802.11B wifi
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I have used Ubuntu 11.10 ona t42 and all the drivers are there, works like a dream!

Unfortunatly the T42 doesn't have a pae supporting processor so it didn't want to have 12.04 LTS installed, but I imagine there might be a work around for that somewhere.

But other than the pae issue Ubuntu works fine on a T42 which is similar enough to the T40 to almost guarantee support.

To recommend a version I would need to know the specs of the computer (CPU, RAM etc). Although if you create a live CD/DVD/USB then you can boot into it and see for yourself without making any changes to your current installations/set up.

Hope this helps,

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I had the previous LTS (lucid) flavour of Ubuntu running like a charm on my T42. I had the same pae issue when installing precise via bootable USB, I then went with the update manager rom the system > administration > Software Sources menu and managed to have precise on my T42.

So i guess on old hardware, you'd have to install the previous LTS version (Lucid) first, and launch the update from the System > Administration > Software Sources.

It worked for me, but somehow messed up with the network drivers and i could not have my eth and wlan0 up after the install. I am still struggling with madwifi :)

This wiki's a gold mine worth digging:

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