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What does this mean

** (gnome-shell:4686): WARNING **: Command line `dbus-lauch --autolaunch=de40d0cdda8b10cc42a0ada000000002 --binary-syntax --close-stderr' exited with non-zero exit status 1: window manager error: unable to open X display

And what do i do to solve it! I can access desktop on TTY7 and create files and folders but there's no taskbar...

I have tried to install gnome-shell and launching it but this was the result!

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If you can access the computer from terminal like TTY1 (hit control+alt+F1), try removing the .Xauthority file from your home directory.

rm .Xauthority

You may need to use sudoin case the permissions are messed up like

sudo rm .Xauthority

And then restart

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