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i would like to run compiz on my s.o. The problem is that if i run 'compiz --replace', compiz start, but the upper border of the window (with minimize, maximize button) disappear! I try to run also: gtk-window-decorator --replace but without success.

How could be the problem ? Thanks

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2 Answers

I've had success in rebooting or logging out. You want to restart the x-server and load compiz as your window manager. Which version Ubuntu?

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Me no! No reboot or logging solve the situation! –  stighy Jun 2 '12 at 15:37
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Place fusion-icon on start session programs in compiz manager on border option change the border command to gtk-window-decorator --replace and end session

or the best way: go to


proceed the install and in compiz manager on border option change the border command to emerald --replace and you will be happy.

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