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I installed gcompris on ubuntu 10.10 and when i tired to run it, it exited immediately. i ran it from shell giving the command gcompris and got the folowing message.

akn@ubuntu:~$ gcompris    
** Message: Binary relocation disabled

** (process:20588): WARNING **: exec_prefix NONE

package_data_dir         = /usr/share/gcompris/boards
package_skin_dir         = /usr/share/gcompris/boards/skins
package_menu_dir         = /usr/share/gcompris/boards
package_locale_dir       = /usr/share/locale
package_plugin_dir       = /usr/lib/gcompris
package_python_plugin_dir= /usr/share/gcompris/python
   Config dir '/home/akn/.config/gcompris'
   Users dir '/home/akn/My GCompris'
   Database '/home/akn/.config/gcompris/gcompris_sqlite.db'

(gcompris:20588): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_window_set_type_hint: assertion `!gtk_widget_get_mapped (GTK_WIDGET (window))' failed
Segmentation fault
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I guess you found a bug due to the failed Segmentation fault message. But first try to erase the datas from $HOME/.config/gcompris and $HOME/My GCompris in your home folder, and try Gcompris again.

If you still see the error message, I really recommend you to open up a bug against the Gcompris package. There is a very good answer to How do I report a bug? with a well illustrated path to report a bug, and a link covering many possible scenarios on reporting bugs using

And don't forget to include in your bug report:

  • Your Ubuntu version
  • Gcompris package
  • The reproducible details
  • The log message (the output you got when you ran it from shell)


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Adding more relevant info, as suggested by @JorgeCastro – crncosta Nov 23 '10 at 16:38

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