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Ive deleted several pics on my phone over the last week, and when i just checked the cloud, i noticed those files are still on there.

I searched through the settings both on my phone app and in the browser. I cant seem to find a setting that will sync my deletes. I searched through the FAQ and it seems like this is done automatically? In fact, someone was having issues because their hard drive filled up with music, so they wanted to delete their local music dir but it deleted in the cloud. Am i missing something? Its not an issue yet because i have plenty of storage left, but it will be a pain to go into the cloud and view each pic and then delete it. Of course, its free so im not complaining :) i do appreciate this service! Now if i drop my phone in the toilet i wont lose my photos :)

Please let me know if anyone knows what i may be missing or maybe im misunderstanding how this works.



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