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I use a commercial Asterisk-based SIP provider for my business. I'm going through the process of acquiring hearing aids, and it may be smartest for me to steam telephone audio from my provider directly to my aids via bluetooth and a softphone (I spent a lot of time on the phone). I could conceivably use my Android handset, but it seems k,ind of clunky. I used to use X-Lite under Windows, but the Linux version is very rough comparatively. I've also tried Xoiper, but find the interface pretty rough. I want something that's close to a phone dialing and usage wise.

Counterpath makes Bria and Eyebeam, which are more contemporary then X-Lite, but there is apparently no way to try them out (I would be open to buying one if that made sense).

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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I like: SFLPhone and find it very "professional" and linux friendly (they got accepted on Debian repository)

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I hadn't seen this one before, but installed easily and appears to work well. Has the added benefit of being able to to sync to the Gnome address book (which can sync to Gmail for contacts). –  Kendor Dec 28 '10 at 0:05
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There are lots of software you can use, but firstly you need to know if your commercial Asterisk-based SIP provider is adopting an open protocol.

Some options are:


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X-Lite is my favorite.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Personal Address Book, including detailed calls lists and history
  • Zero-Touch Configuration of your USB headset or other audio/video devices
  • IM and Presence Management
  • Choice of dial pad-centric or contact-centric interface, or a combination of both

    If you are looking for real commercial software then you can buy eyeBeam 1.5 or Bria 3. Both are from the makers of X-Lite

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    Where is X-Lite for Ubuntu available? –  italo Nov 1 '13 at 18:48
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    You can try Jitsi (http://www.jitsi.org). I use this in a corporate environment to connect to Openfire Server (Jabber server using XMPP) and also to a VOIP Server (Asterisk based - PIAF software). Audio, video and screen sharing work very nicely.

    Jitsi allows you to sign in various accounts at the same time. Unified communications in the real sense

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