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I fried my computer trying to load Alpine Linux. Now I can't do anything.

I have Ubuntu. iso on a USB, is that all I need?

How do I run it from BOOT: prompt?

I think I formatted my drive and deleted my Windows Recovery disc too!

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Simply placing the .iso on the USB drive is not enough. If you intend on booting from USB you will need to do two things - you will need to change your BIOS settings to allow booting from USB and you will need to make the drive bootable. If you have another computer available I suggest using UNetBootin to create a bootable USB drive with your preferred flavor of Linux

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if he has a compatible boot loader, all he will need is an iso file. I dont remember how, but it is possible to boot into the iso directly. Anyways, unetbootin is a better option. – Mahesh Jun 2 '12 at 0:55

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