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I am running apache2 2.2.14 on Ubuntu 10.04. I have two virtual servers running, both using virtually the same conf script in sites-available. One of the pages ( renders super fast (1 second F5 on index.html), no problems at all. The second ( takes forever to render (18 second F5 on index.html). Contrary to the code, the fast loading site, being developed in Frontpage has lots of scripts to run. The second, none, only HTML5 and CSS3. I'm using zoneedit as my DNS server for both sites and the the Zone records are exactly the same. I've looked at the access and error logs as well as messages, going as far as changing the apache2 LogLevel variable for the virtual servers to debug. I've done a W3C validation and the only problems with the slow loading site are invalid meta tags and an & (instead of & amp;) in the href property of an anchor tag (e.g. href=""). And after fixing those the page render speed didn't change. Both pages use the same images and text, the only real difference being the slow rendering page is HTML5, using tags such article, header and footer, and the other uses div and table formatting everywhere.

I am stumped as to why one page renders so slow and it's contemporary so fast. Can anyone point me in the right direction to debug this problem?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: So I thought maybe there was something in the file that was causing the slow render. To check this, I replaced my index.html with an index.html that looks like this...

<!DOCTYPE html>

Still it takes over 3 seconds to render.

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In Chromium or Chrome you can go to Developer Tools and select Network option to see how long it takes to load each resource. Typically when a page loads slowly it is because the browser is trying to access something that is either not found on the server or it is accessing content on a different server.

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