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Need to install a service/daemon (in this case bind9, a DNS service) runlevel control, aka "rc" control (/etc/rc*.d and such). bind9 came pre-installed on my 11.04 system, but without aforementioned runlevel control.

How to easily (and preferably automatically) install the rc stuff for "compliant" services/daemons in /etc/init.d?

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The official way is to use update-rc.d. Default settings are usually good:

update-rc.d bind9 defaults

but if you need to, you can explicitly chose the start/stop runlevels with:

update-rc.d bind9 start 19 3 5 . stop 98 1 .

where 19 and 98 are the sequence numbers that determines their start/stop priority respectively and 3, 5 and 1 are the start/stop runlevels respectively. Runlevels exact numbering and meaning can be found here.

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Thx Avio. +1, chkmarked. Better answer than mine. (Was gonnna say sysv-rc-conf <service> ....) – Johnny Utahh Jun 1 '12 at 23:14

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