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I'm trying to put some export scripts into Blender but I simply cannot find the installation path!

I'm using the latest versions of both Ubuntu and Blender, which I have installed with apt-get install.

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Blender scripts will go to /usr/lib/blender/scripts/addons/

P.S.-which is the command for finding the path of the executables. e.g. which blender. However, if you have Synaptic package manager, it's easy to find all installed files by going to package-properties > Installed Files. And also Ubuntu package search ;)

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Great, thanks! It works swell. – jcora May 31 '12 at 21:03
for Ubuntu 15.10 (and also possibly previous releases), the path is /usr/share/blender/scripts/addons/ – Rémi Jan 22 at 10:16

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