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I have a logitech G35 headset which should allow even up to 7.1 dolby surround but the sound settings identify it as a stereo only device. I configured the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf by setting the default channels to 6 and searched for many other solutions, but I have not found any working solutions.

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Is the USB headset the only device you have? IIRC, PulseAudio will show up as the default ALSA device, while you probably also have the actual devices available through alsa. In alsamixer, hit F6: this should pop up a list of devices: the "default" entry, plus one entry for each device. Use the up and down arrows to pick another device and ENTER/Return to select the highlighed device. If this shows your headset and your headset shows up with stereo channels, then it's being correctly detected and configured, and the issue is probably with enabling surround in pulseaudio. – njsg May 31 '12 at 11:39
@njsq It does show up in the alsamixer with the stereo channels. If the problem is due to pulseaudio is there a way to fix it? – Kevin Jossart May 31 '12 at 11:42

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