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Just got a reconditioned DELL Optiplex FX170 thin client delivered, without an image.

On power-up, I see the message:


I am very sure all the wires etc are connected properly.

I would like it to PXE boot and find my LTSP installation. I have an HP T5525 with the same connectivity that works fine.

On F12 there's a BIOS boot order menu. The only options available though are LS120, the HDD, CD / DVD [via USB presumably], and various USB options. I do not see 'PXE' or any network card. And I don't know how to change the boot order :(

Any help appreciated!

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Within the BIOs you usually have to turn on LAN booting.

If that option doesn't exist you could use gpxe on a USB key to PXE boot.

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Fantastic - thanks. In fact I phoned the supplier: they told me about F2 accessing the BIOS, then it was as you describe & all went smoothly. – v4169sgr May 31 '12 at 20:50

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