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I love my lixux 12.04..till yesterday it installed new updates and i clicked on restart..

As system went to grub all normal & loaded normal..then instead of pretty desktop (auto login turned on) i have black screen asking for login and password..

Why? How i get my desktop back to before?

Please help new noob!!! This is due to updates i am sure, nothing in hardware has changed and no other display settings changed.. using AMD diver from there site linux one for my raedeon 6850 and have catalyst driver working fine..

i have tried typing in weird commands but they didnt do much like sudo start lightdm and sudo startx .. didnt do anything just froze.. i dont exactly no what these commands do but something to do with black i thought id try it..


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I tried your solution but it didn't seem to work. I removed my fglrx driver by the following command:

sudo sh /usr/share/ati/

And then my desktop came back after reboot. Then reinstalled ATI catalyst driver. Now, everything is working fine.

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in that black screen, login with your username and password, and install gdm

sudo apt-get install gdm

that might solve the problem, I also had same problem when I did some things with my installation..

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hi..thanks so much for replying.. ok will that restore it..i appreciate it thankyou :) – general_guts May 30 '12 at 9:15
if that doesn't work (as indicated by some other source, try sudo apt-get install lightdm (gdm might have problem in 12.*) – Piyush May 30 '12 at 12:02

I have the same problem with Black Opal which is based on 12.04. Also switching to tty8 then tty7 seems to get you to the login screen with lightdm installed. I switched to gdm and the problems is gone, I just don't like how it changed the login screen to the old look...

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