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I've used numerous installers for my PC:

  • Wubi
  • tried both X64 and the X86 bit versions
  • tried to install ubuntu from a stick or a cd

but it all comes down the the wonderfull violet loading screen 'Ubuntu' with 5 flashing dots under it and it gets stuck there.

Previously, under a different version of windows 7, I managed to install Ubuntu 11.10 but there was some issue with the internet connection (device firmware missing or something like that) and there was nothing I could do to get it to connect to the internet - I'm using a wi-fi connection.

12.04 doesn't get passed the loading screen. I've tried using the option ACPI workarounds, and everything goes ok till it reaches the internet drivers for my wlan board, and it states something about downloading the proper wireless drivers. I've no idea if this is the issue of if this helps you guys but I'd really like to try ubuntu 12.04 and right now I have no means of doing so.

I'd like to make one more mention because people don't seem to understand. It simply gets stuck when I try to boot from the Ubuntu CD/stick/wubi into Ubuntu. I don't get an option to choose anything because I don't really get to start Ubuntu on my machine.

Here is a screenshot of my system: enter image description here

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More detail required. What PC hardware, brand/model, WiFi chip (or brand/model), etc. –  david6 May 30 '12 at 8:21
what are you using to burn the ISO onto a disc? –  MuffinStateWide May 30 '12 at 10:02
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2 Answers

Dont Reboot Your System . If you want Dual Boot System First Install Windows7 and then Install Ubuntu 12.05 .Before Installing Ubuntu create a Free Partion of hard drive .And Try To Direct Install ubuntu Using Ubuntu CD . And Select Drive in dropdown option in Second Stage.

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I noticed that you also used the bootable usb choice but u failed... this is now i installed Ubuntu on my laptop..ok its really easy to do this

1) Download USB Pendrive Linux from http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/

2) Download your ISO file

3) Mount a usb drive ( at least 2gb )

4) Execute the USB Pendrive Linux exe and choose your ISO file and a usb drive

5) Wait for it to write Ubuntu to your usb drive ( may take a few minutes )

6) Reboot when Wubi is installed

7) After reboot quickly press F12 for boot options ( may vary on different computers )

8) Choose the USB option ( second choice )

9) Ubuntu would then bring you to a black screen,choose Install Ubuntu ( second choice )

10) Installation of Ubuntu is very easy just fill in stuffs

11) Then Ubuntu Installer would ask you whether you want to install Ubuntu alongside your current operating system or replace current operating system with Ubuntu

13) Then its almost done ! Let it install and after that reboot

14) You would find that Ubuntu is installed !

15) Congratulations you have succesfully installed Ubuntu on your pc :D

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