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I currently have an Ubuntu 12.04 copy on my flash drive, but I'm wondering if I can also have another OS on the same flash drive as well. If I put another OS on the drive, how will it distinguish between which one I would like to boot upon start up? Will this force me to delete the one in return for the other? Will a boot-loader activate when the other OS is detected? Also, will this cause problems considering the fact that 2 OSs will be on a single, non-partitioned space, albeit a flash drive, but still.

In case you were wondering, or that it matters at all. I will be putting Chrome OS, gotten here, on with Ubuntu 12.04.

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I hope you realize that's not Chrome OS, rather a spin of openSUSE – Sathya Jun 18 '12 at 11:47

There is a tool for creating what is basically a GRUB multi-OS bootloader on your USB drive. All you have to do is grab an ISO file of the system you're adding to your drive, then drop the whole ISO file onto the drive (occasionally with special instructions). There's all the usual Linux cohorts—Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, etc.—but also some great rescue tools and utilities, like the GParted partition disc, Ophcrack password reset, and virus scanners. You could even load a Windows 7 installation DVD onto your thumb drive, if you had the room.1

Unfortunately, "MultiBootISOs is a free download for Windows"1 only. To get it, see this site.

1Source: "MultiBootISOs Boots Multiple Operating Systems from a USB Drive" on

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