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Is there AMD Overdrive on Ubuntu? Because I want to install it if possible, but i seem to have the latest AMD drivers installed. Does anyone have an AMD Graphics card? If they do could you please tell me if there is a working overdrive section for Catalist control center? By the way, i have the ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card.

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There is a open source project called AMDoverdriveCtrl on source forge

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There is not. I have not really explored this, but there might be something in bios, depending.

Honestly, however, overclocking your graphics cards gives almost no performance boost.

If you're experiencing a slow desktop environment (lagging when moving windows, playing videos and the such), then I suggest that you go turn off vsync in compizconfig, as that's what's holding back the framerate.

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You no need additional package for the overclocking , Just Package Called aticonfig.

To Switch the Overdrive(TM) on, Just type aticonfig --od-enable, Then Do.

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