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I need the override section on catalyst control center, but I don't have it. I want to know if i have the latest version of any kind of AMD software. This is what Catalyst control center says in the software information section:

-Catalyst version: 12.4

-Driver packaging version: 8.961-12045a-137531C-ATI

-2D Driver version: 8.96.4

-Catalyst control center version: 2.14

-RandR Version: 1.3

BTW, I have the ATI Radeon HD 4850

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actually, every Ubuntu's repositories doesn't always provide new softwares in their server. Because Canonical retests and evaluates all new softwares versions that will enter into repos for ensuring the softwares is 100% compatible with Ubuntu versions.

If you want to get the latest versions, you could download from official website software distributor. but it doens't guarantee compatible completely.

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