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I'd installed ubuntu10.10 in windows7. It was working well but now a days when I choose ubuntu at the start-up of the system it does not found any kernel.

Is there any way how to fix that?

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  • Have you upgraded or changed anything before it stopped working?
  • Did you change the default boot partition?

Ubuntu will probably be looking in the wrong partition for the kernel.

I will edit this answer as you respond.

EDIT: This great answer here gives you more info on the WUBI installer. This could be part of the problem. Generally I wouldn't use the WUBI for anything other than to try Ubuntu. Anything goes wrong with your windows partition or install it can usually have serious problems with the Ubuntu install.

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I'd not upgraded it. But I just wanted to connect it to another computer for LAN. But that was unsuccessful. After that I properly shut down the computer, but after that ubuntu is not starting. As I mentioned, I'd installed it in windows, it is installed in a separate partition. – Mohammad Faisal Jun 4 '12 at 7:52

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