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Ubuntu for Android sounds intriguing and I am interested in checking it out but was wondering if anyone knows which phone/models have the necessary specs and available docks to work with it.

** edit **

After further searching it looks like Ubuntu for Android will primarily be pre-installed so it probably won't be the case of spec'ing out a phone and installing it like I originally thought.

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HTC Android smartphones/tablets (such as G2 Phone, Nexus One)

I got this information only but the mobile devices which have the following specifications can deal with Ubuntu Android.

Dual-core 1 GHz CPU
Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; OpenGL, ES/EGL
Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
HDMI: video-out with secondary frame-buffer device
USB host mode
512 MB RAM

So any phone which can meet those specifications can get Ubuntu.

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I was aware of what the requirements are, I was wondering if Ubuntu had compiled a list of manufacturers and models that were meeting those specs - rather than sifting through the specs of dozens of phones. – djk May 29 '12 at 2:43
i think they are on the way , Ubuntu site also not mentioned any information on that . actually i am eager to get one . – Raja May 29 '12 at 2:44

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