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I ran the wubi installer (from an extracted ubuntu ISO) and it downloads ubuntu-12.04-wubi-i386.tar.xz but it's slow and non-resumable so I cancelled it, found a mirror of the file online and downloaded it using Intenet download manager. Where should I be placing ubuntu-12.04-wubi-i386.tar.xz file so the wubi installer won't have to download that file anymore? Thank you.

Update: I extracted the archive and there are two files, I'm afraid I do not know where to place them.

enter image description here

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You need to tell Wubi where the file is. Run wubi.exe as follows from the command line (e.g. if you placed the image in a folder called C:\UbuntuImage):

wubi.exe --dimagepath=C:\UbuntuImage\ubuntu-12.04-wubi-i386.tar.xz

Don't extract the contents before running.

PS I found it tripped over paths with spaces in them; if you find the same problem then move it to a folder as shown above.

Additional info

You can only install Ubuntu (32bit or 64bit) using the diskimage as shown above. If you want to install Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Edubuntu or Mythbuntu (or Xubuntu only on releases prior to 12.10) then you need to download the Desktop CD ISO and save it in the same folder as wubi.exe before running Wubi. Make sure that the ISO matches the release of wubi.exe and the flavour you are installing.

Note that Wubi will check the ISO MD5 sum to ensure integrity (if you run it when connected to the internet). It will still use the downloaded ISO if it's valid. However, if you disconnect from the internet it only checks the kernel and initrd md5sums so you should always check the ISO yourself.

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hi, i just read your answer. I will definitely try and will update you later. Thank you so much! – Alejandro May 29 '12 at 9:09
I just want you to know that it worked like a charm, now I can install and run Ubuntu :) Thanks so much. – Alejandro May 29 '12 at 9:29

Automatic dual boot for the Windows 8 or system based in i386, the answer is the same :

  1. download wubi.exe that you wish, and the i386.tar and i386.iso files.

  2. Open system terminal window (like ms-dos window)

  3. Go to the folder using cd folder command and put

    wubi.exe --dimagepath=C:\UbuntuImage\ubuntu-1X.XX.XX-wubi-i386.tar.xz

    (the XX.XX.XX is the verion of ubuntu)

  4. Select in the ubuntu window your disk patition, name and password.

  5. and Reboot.
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Not the answer you want, but don't even bother with wubi. The ubuntu-in-windows is gonna take hdd space anyways, so you may as well install it on a proper partition instead of using wubi and risking windows messing it up. The Ubuntu Installer is very good, I find, and even setting up a dual boot is pretty painless with their installer.

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Actually if you put an folder with c:\ubuntu , it requires you to still uninstall, i think. Because i tried it and it goes saying that i must uninstall it first before installing. So you must install and wait with Wubi anyway, because Ubuntu Servers are very slow to install on your Computer, because there's many people who installs Ubuntu using Wubi and the Server can't run very well in the situation.

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