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Under some circumstances, Shotwell shows no photo thumbnails while importing. I was trying to download some pictures from my camera (Canon EOS 400D) with Shotwell and the program didn't show any preview for the pictures before downloading them (it just shows a "forbidden" snapshot). After importing them everything seems fine.

I've found this bug report but no solution is given for now. It seems there could be a solution for EOS cameras, according to the last comment. This guy links to a patch, but it's not downloadable. Any ideas of where to obtain a deb package of this patch or of any other solution?

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If you click on the "Patch" link you can then save the patch as a .diff file and apply it against trunk.

You can get a copy of gphoto's working trunk with

svn co gphoto

Applying the patch is something akin to this command:

patch -p1 < gphoto.diff

(Note: I haven't actually tried this, but I believe it will work.)

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Sorry for the late answer. Since I didn't know how to use the svn trunks I simply downloaded libgphoto2 from the official sourceforge page. I changed manually the lines in library.c, just exactly as in the patch. However, after compiling it (doing the typical "configure", "make", "sudo checkinstall", and having downloaded lsusb-dev from repositories) it seems Ubuntu doesn't do anything when I connect the camera, so that I can't download the pictures. In any case, if I write lsusb in the terminal I get:

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04a9:3110 Canon, Inc. EOS Digital Rebel XTi

So strictly speaking the OS detects the camera, but it does nothing.

Since I was having this problem, I came with another solution. It's not as elegant as compiling it, but it worked. The idea is just to download the official Ubuntu 11.10 libgphoto2 package from here . Then in a terminal you just type:

sudo dpkg -i libgphoto2-2_2.4.11-3_(architecture).deb  

Now it is possible to see all the pics, although it is done in the "old way" (this version doesn't have the "EOS fast directory" enabled).

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