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I'm trying a whole week to make MASS to work, but no results.

This is the procedure:

maas createsuperuser
sudo apt-get install maas-dhcp
apt-get install maas-enlist tftpd-hpa

After this I start node machine with PXE as default first boot device, and select option maas-enlist. Sistem start to installing some things, and after that on MAAS WebUI stand 1 node. But when I click on Node button on WebUI or refresh page, it show 0 node.

Command cobbler system list showing:

root@maas-serv:~# cobbler system list

Also, sometime this procedure register one node, but when registering second one, same problem like I described up.

root@maas-serv:/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg# is empty, only default is there.

On command maas-import-isos there is a one warning. ftpboot/images/precise-x86_64-maas-ephemeral/initrd copying images generating GPXE/PXE configuration files generating PXE menu structure warning: kernel option length exceeds 255 warning: kernel option length exceeds 255 warning: kernel option length exceeds 255 warning: kernel option length exceeds 255 copying files for distro: precise-x86_64

share|improve this question Hi, a few things you should check:

  • sadly, if your nodes have a bad clock, they will fail to register (bug 978127)
  • you may need to add the following to /etc/maas/


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Suggest you check your network setting and maas config.


sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas
sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-dhcp
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I would recommend following this guide step by step first and then post your results.

Are you trying to install it on virtual machines? What's the versions of Ubuntu/MaaS?, the nodes type? can you give us the full details?

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