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Possible Duplicate:
Files lens and xdg-open only open nautilus but not the correct applicatiion

In 12.04, since yesterday the behavior of the dash in Unity has changed.

Previously (and I assume it is the default choice), when selecting a file in the dash, the file was automatically opened with its corresponding application. Now, the folder containing the file is opened in Nautilus instead.

(I have to mention that I have installed XFCE)

How do I revert to the first behaviour ?


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Well, it seems that you might be right, @adempewolff. I tried of course beforehand to check if this question hasn't been asked before, but I missed this one. Good point. – Alkalyzer May 31 '12 at 17:41
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I found someone having a similar problem on the Ubuntu forums. And this problem was linked to the presence of an installation of the XFCE desktop environment.

Because it was also my case, I used a solution suggested in this thread, which simply consists in erasing all traces of XFCE installation.

I opened a terminal and enter the following command :

sudo apt-get remove `dpkg -l | grep xfce|awk '{print $2}'`

Now, I can't use XFCE anymore but the normal behavior of the dash has been restored.

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It is "only" xdg-utils, which is problematic, and can be fixed. See – blueyed Jul 10 '14 at 1:56

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