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I made a live install CD for ubuntu 12.04 to install on my dell inspiron 4100 everytime I get the install going it stops near the end and tell me there is an error and its going to desktop mode so I can figure it out but there is no error code or anything giving me an indication of what the issue might be please help I have no idea what to do

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I had this exact same problem on the exact same machine and apparently, a lot of people are having it. The problem is with the installation software itself. You need to download the alternative installation for it to work.

As a side note, I had a problem with the alternative installation as well, where it would freeze whenever trying to configure network hardware. I circumvented this by pressing F6 at the beginning of setup to enter "Expert Setup" and working through each installation step except for network configuration. It took a little longer to install, but it worked like a charm. Hopefully, you won't have this snag like I did.

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