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I just downloaded Ubuntu from a CD and the installation went great. I started up the computer, selected Ubuntu, put in name and password, but then the screen I get every time is just the Ubuntu pink desktop image with no Icons at all. The mouse moves fine, but the screen has nothing on it. I can right click with the mouse and create new folders. Other than that, pretty much nothing. Any thoughts?

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If you hold the left mouse button down, can you drag and create a selection rectangle? Can you right-click on the desktop and create a new folder? Does pressing Alt+F2 and running unity --reset help? How about compiz --replace? Does switching to Unity 2D avoid the problem? (To switch to Unity 2D, log out, click the Ubuntu logo on the login screen, and change it from Ubuntu to Ubuntu 2D; then log back in.) What version of Ubuntu are you running? The best way for you to provide all this information is by editing your answer, so it is as though you had provided it initially. – Eliah Kagan May 28 '12 at 0:43

The unity --reset command did the trick. Thank you!

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