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I get a kernel panic while booting Ubuntu 12.04 as a Live USB on two different computers.

One computer is custom made with Intel Processor Pentium Dual 1.8GHz with EM64T and an NVIDIA GPU card. The other is a Toshiba A200 laptop with Intel Duo Dual 2.0GHz and an ATI GPU.

I'm really good at Ubuntu. I start using it in 2010 with Ubuntu 10.04.

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You should check the md5sum for the ISO you downloaded:

If you've got the same thing happening with two computers there's a good chance that the problem is that the ISO file got corrupted during download.


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@Alexander You could also run the Check disc for defects option available in the menu when your Live USB is booted. Press any key when the Ubuntu Live CD/USB 'small logo' appears to display the menu.See also the Ubuntu CD/USB Boot Options Page. – irrational John May 28 '12 at 7:58

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