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In a dual-monitor configuration (I happen to employing NVIDIA, but not sure it matters), want to both:

  1. display each monitor vertically, in "portrait" mode (rotated, with xrandr(1)),
  2. and make mouse movement/transition span horizontally between the monitors.

By "default" in vertically-rotated config, the mouse spans between monitors only from bottom of one monitor and top of the other. Extremely annoying, almost unusable.

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Make one monitor be "above" (or "below") the other in nvidia-settings "X Server Display Configuration", as opposed to being "the right/left of" the other.

My head still explodes trying to figure out why, but I just think of it as a "relative" thing. Works for me in Ubuntu 12.04. Had to add xrandr -o left to session startup to get my display rotate to work across X-server restarts (reboots, re-logins, etc).

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