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I'm new to Linux and Ubuntu [less than a month using Ubuntu 11.10].

this old machine i have:

amd athlon x2 64, 4gb ram
no hdd
no cd/dvd drive
usb pen 4gb with live cd [Ubuntu 11.10 i386]
usb pen 8gb --- intended as hdd
sd card 2gb --- with Ubuntu 11.10 i386 iso file
fast internet 25 mib/s

what im trying to do is:

  • start computer with 4GB pen Ubuntu 11.10
  • install Ubuntu in 8GB pen [not create a live cd]
  • work from the 8GB pen with Ubuntu installed in it.

is this possible ?

if so, any tips how i go to do this ?

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As found here in this previous post:

How can I save settings on Live USB?

You could use the USB stick as the boot device and even save documents and settings on the USB.

The article above references this entry from the Ubuntu wiki that should be helpful:

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