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I am trying to install Ubuntu on an old computer that had Windows XP on it.

After struggling with why it wouldn't boot from the DVD, I ran across the solution where you typed help into the prompt and that worked for me.

I took most of the defaults and chose to overwrite XP and only install Ubuntu.

It was painfully slow. I attribute that to booting from the DVD. At one point after I had answered all the questions and the bar at the bottom said "copying files" for quite a while, the install window simply disappeared. My mouse icon is still a swirly and has been for hours. The menu bar at the top of the screen is not functional so I can't even gracefully shutdown.

If I do shut down with a control/alt/delete and try to start without the DVD, it hangs and never comes close to starting.

I've repeated these steps several times. What is going on????

Thanks, dogulas

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I've recently had installation problems during a 12.04 installation process on an older machine. I found that installing from the "alternative install CD " which will give you a text based installer, I could get it done without hiccups

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