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What process can I use to submit .crash files that aren't submitted to Ubuntu due to restrictions on my network?

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Please see the documentation here for further details about bug reporting. I copied and pasted the relevant info here for you.

First, gather the information about the target system in a file:

For a bug report about a system crash:

apport-cli -p <package name> --save bug.crash

For a bug report about any other issue:

apport-cli -f -p <package name> --save bug.apport

After copying it to a different system you can file that report using the following command:

ubuntu-bug -c <apport_file.extension>

If this is to be added to an existing bug report, also use the -u option:

ubuntu-bug -c <apport_file.extension> -u <bug number>

You will need to answer a few questions, and a web browser will be launched to complete the bug report.

Hope this helps!

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