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Could be related to this but I couldn't solve the problem with the fixes there.

The issue is especially apparent on websites that use monospace font. For example: is nearly unreadable in Chrome, although I just tried it in Firefox 12 and it looks a bit better.

This is on 12.04 with the latest Chrome stable. Msttcorefonts are installed.

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If nothing else works, consider editing your Custom.css. It should be found at ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/User Stylesheets/Custom.css. (There's a space between User and Stylesheets! which doesn't matter if you get there via a file manager GUI.)

The file is empty by default unless you've already edited it. You could open it with any text editor and paste in pre, code, kbd, tt { font-family: "Ubuntu mono" !important; } or any other monospace font of your choice. But I don't like Courier. It appears fainter than other mono fonts.

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That works, thanks. – Reed G. Law May 28 '12 at 3:51

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