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Why can't I download Ubuntu? I try to do everything it says to do and it doesn't work! People have given me a decent laptop, but the copy of Windows that is on it is so screwed up that I can't use it. I need an operating system of some kind and can't afford Windows, I can't even afford the 5.00 GBP to get the disk from Ubuntu.

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Here it is...Download it using torrent...its best...ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads –  Nirmik May 23 '12 at 19:58
Hi and Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. Please edit your question with everything you have tried. Start from what you have downloaded, the version, 32bit, 64bit etc, have you burnt a CD of the ISO, what happens when you install. Some specs of the laptop may be useful as well - RAM, graphics card etc. Thanks. –  fossfreedom May 23 '12 at 19:58
What does not work? Is it slow? Or when you burn it does the disk not work? –  hexafraction May 23 '12 at 20:02

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I would recommend that you get on another computer and visit the LoCo Team Portal to see if there is a Local Community Team near where you live. If so Contact the team and see if someone would be willing to help you get it downloaded and installed. Maybe you can see if they can help you get it installed by converting the downloaded version to a usb thumb drive (using either usb creator, or some other method of their choosing) and helping you install it from there. Most LoCo Team Members would be more than willing to give you a hand I'm sure!!

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