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I am running on an Asus X54H laptop (Intel video adapter).
When I installed Ubuntu 11.10 the video display was crisp and sharp, right out of the box. there was no need to do anything else beyond the installation.

last week I did a format/install of 12.04. After that installation the display was somehow off. It literally hurt my eyes to look at it to long. I goggled for a couple of hours trying different fixes with no success. I formatted and re-installed 11.10 and the display was as sharp as it was.

screen resolution and refresh rate was the same in both installations (checked with xrandr) and it is clearly not a HW issue .

I do not have a dual monitor and its not an issue of brightness and/or contrast. I tried changing them both with no noticeable results .

a link to the laptop's spec

so what could it be ?


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