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I have sucessfully installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my USB and it boot the computer to the desktop just fine. However, when I decided to install addtional apps of my choice I found that the programs appeared to install but they were know where to be found on my 4GB USB Flash drive.

(Example.) Although, Ubuntu 11.10 comes with all kinds of nifty and useful features but I want to use "VLC Media Player 2.0 For Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot". I would go to necessary website, start the download(wait), and then the installation would start. The pop-us says that VLC is in stalled but I'll be damned if I can launch it of even fine the directory it's stored it. I though to just insert a CD/DVD media disk in the computer to see if music or a movie would just launch using VLC but I got nothing. Any ideas?

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Check whether you've installed vlc or not using command
$ which vlc
If the output appears like /usr/bin/vlc it means VLC is installed otherwise not.If you've installed VLC from software-center,synaptic or using apt-get,VLC executable can be seen at the given path.

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