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I am planning to use Scribus for the preparation of scientific posters. I especially like the LaTeX frame option that Scribus has, which let's me use Latex directly in the poster.

However, when I export my poster to PDF, the LaTeX fonts look less sharp than the other parts of the document that are typed directly into Scribus text boxes. I have read in sevaral places that the option to use to get really sharp LaTeX output is "embed PDF & EPS (experimental" from the PDF export page. However, that check-box is greyed out for me. I then read that you need Podofo to get this option. However, as far as I can tell, I already have Podofo among my packages (writing sudo apt-get remove libpodofo0. and using tab completion yields libpodofo0.8.0 libpodofo0.9.0). Furthermore, sudo apt-get install libpodofo does nothing, the option is still greyed out.

Does anyone have any suggestion for me?

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After receiving some helpful advice from the Scribus mail list, I found the solution to my problem. The version of Scribus in the official Ubuntu repositories does not have the Embed PDF/EPS option enabled. Instead, the Scribus repositories from need to be enabled. After downloading the updated Scribus package with the Oneiric repositories activated, PDF/EPS embedding works.

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