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What version of java do I need for minecraft and how would I install it I've been to multiple forums but can't figure it out.

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If you experience character movement stuck issues time to time, then its a Java 7 bug and you need to downgrade to Java 6 to "fix" that issue. – Tuss László Aug 7 '14 at 11:34
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You can install OpenJDK by pressing this link. After, open Minecraft with right-click in Minecraft.jar > Open with > OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.

If it's still not working, press this link, and do the same as before.

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thanks you so much – user65407 May 22 '12 at 21:15

I am running minecraft on 12.04 by following these steps:

A. Open a terminal, and enter

sudo apt-get purge openjdk*

This is a "housekeeping" step that may or may not apply to your setup.

B. Install OpenJDK6 or OpenJDK7 from the Ubuntu Software Center.

C. I prefer following the instructions to install minecraft found at

It neatly integrates launching the game into Unity, and it opens like any other application (so no right-clicking to run the file). Only follow the last two steps in the tutorial ("Download and untar installation bash script" and "To install Minecraft Client").

D. After installing everything, I would recommended you update the LWJGL files using the link and instructions found at (essentially what Minecraft uses for graphics, sound, and input).

This update should prevent some common issues that bugged me (i.e., sound cutting out while running the game). CAUTION: be sure to back up the files you're updating with the new LWJGL files, just in case.

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Download OpenJDK instead of Java, works better on Ubuntu and it's Open Source with better Linux support. You can download and Install it from Ubuntu Software Centre. Open JDK 6 and 7 are available, 7 is newer, I recommend you install this. Then In minecraft.jar properties, select Open With OpenJDK 7 Runtime

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