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I tried to record an Screencast wih gtk-recordmydesktop. The Sound Quality is great but I get a lot of fragments in the Video. Its comes if I refresh an area like the browser windows.

Here is a screenshot:

The settings are the same after the installation. Nothing changed.

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I have the solution for your problem.

When you start recordmydesktop from the terminal you have perfect recordings.

Open the terminal copy and past this command:

recordmydesktop --delay 10 --fps 20 --channels 1 --device hw:1 -o filenameofvideo
  • delay of 10 seconds
  • frames per second 20
  • channels 1 (microphone)
  • --device hw:1 that is my external microphone you might have to change it --device hw:0
  • -o is overwrite existing file
  • filenameofvideo is the desired filename

Happy recording!

Check the results on my YouTube Channel

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I've had the same results with gtk-recordmydesktop also. These video distortions are called artifacts. You may wish to try Kazam instead. It has worked a lot better for me.

enter image description here

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