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I would like to try out the Ubuntu on my hard drive.

Now, I have C:/ as my windows 7 and D:/ as my media files and so on.

How can I best install Ubuntu to try out and uninstall it if I don't feel like it while it won't affect my files after I uninstall Ubuntu? I would like to dual boot with windows 7.


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A simple way is run ubuntu via live-DVD

but, if you want to install it first, just follow these simple steps

from the dvd, run wubi.exe

enter image description here

And select the 2nd option ( in my language "Install dalam windows"/ or "Install in windows" ), and then

  1. Select, which drive do you wan to install ubuntu
  2. Select the size of installation ( it must be more than 8 GB )
  3. Select Desktop Environment
  4. Select language
  5. Fill out the User name and Password and then click Install (or "pasang" in my language)

enter image description here

When you want to remove it, just boot up your windows -go to the drive (where the ubuntu installed) and go to "Ubuntu" folder and then Run Uninstall-wubi.exe

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If you are at first only wanting to check out Ubuntu i would rather suggest trying it LIVE instead of installing it..!!

You can do that with Ubuntu..!!

Make a BOOTABLE CD/USB with the ISO image youhave and just boot it..

This will be the 1st Screen you get-

enter image description here

In here,select the option TRY UBUNTU and you will enter the Ubuntu interface which you can use as if you are using an actual installed operating system..!!

If you like it,you can install it either by WUBI or as a separate partition along with Windows

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Go to, click on download, then click on the link that says:

Looking for an easy way to install on Windows? Check out the Windows installer

Couldn't be easier.

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